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ToirScript | 13.19 script status

ToirScript | 13.19

RTX | 13.19 script status

RTX | 13.19

LS | 13.18 script status

LS | 13.18

Valorant | Blue script status

Valorant | Blue

Valorant | Private script status

Valorant | Private

Valorant | HangarBot  script status

Valorant | HangarBot

Valorant | Spoofer script status

Valorant | Spoofer

Spoofer | Hangar script status

Spoofer | Hangar

Apex | ApexPrivate script status

Apex | ApexPrivate

Spoofer | Unknown script status

Spoofer | Unknown

Csgo2 | Gold script status

Csgo2 | Gold


What is LoL Script

Evade: This function helps you dodge spells of opponents directed at you. Prediction: Predicting the trajectory of enemy characters, it is easier to hit them with skills. OrbWalker: Helps with last hits and attack while moving. Acceptance of high-skill players without training! Lots of tweaks. Target Selector: Ability to configure in detail the priority of selecting targets for the script, in which your attacks and skills will be directed. DelaySetting: Fine-tuning the delays between cheat actions, allows you to make your actions more natural, humane. Activator: Automatically performs certain actions for you. For example: puts wards, knocks down castes on enemies, uses some items. Combo: Uses skills to carry out combinations of attacks for you. The program prescribes the logic of the game of all champions, so it is quite easy to set up. Drawing: Visual functions, drawing on the screen of noticed wards, cd of enemies, attack radius of various units, movement of opponents on the minimap and many other little things. Tools: This tab contains additional settings for customization (choice of colors, transparency of menu items), language selection Config System: allows you to save your settings in the config, so as not to bathe with it every time. You can also share your cfg with other players, or use someone else's. Reliable anti-cheat bypass: We have tried on security and protection against bans, so if you play carefully, the chance of a ban is minimal, especially at low ranks.

What is Valorant Cheat

Welcome to Valorant Cheat, find out what cheats are for Valorant like Aimbot ESP and Triggerbot Wall hack. Want to Buy Valorant Cheat? Or do you want to learn cheats like Aimbot ESP Wall Hack? If you are looking for Valorant Cheats or you want to Buy and download Valorant Cheats, you are at the best place, We will give you the best information for Best Valorant Hack and let you find the best and cheapest undetected cheats to download like Valorant aimbot esp.

What is Spoofer

What is a Spoofer and how does it work? Spoofer is a type of software that temporarily or permanently changes your hardware ID. Your old hardware ID will become invalid because this software changes the identity of your computer. So when you try to enter the game, anti-cheat checks all your hardware IDs from the remote server. If you have a hardware ID on the remote server, it will not let you into the game. But if you use a spoofer and enter, you can enter the game because your hardware IDs have changed. What is HWID ban, why is it thrown? The game has certain rules and policies and you will be penalized if you do not follow them. We call punishment ban. And bans can be temporary or permanent. Today I will tell about hardware ban, What is this HWID? HWID (HardwareID) is the number of a computer part. Just like the class number. So what does it have to do with Ban? If the game's Anti-Cheat software catches a behavior that should not be done, it will ban it according to the rules. If your behavior is equivalent to a hardware ban, anti-cheat randomly obtains the hardware ID (HWID) of a part of you. And uploads it to a remote server. And then kicks you out of the game. It will display a warning to you when you try to enter again. This warning is proof that you've been banned. But you can fix it using Spoofer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a refund?

Unfortunately, there is no refund. Before purchasing the program, examine it in detail, come to our Discord server or create a Live support ticket for any questions you have.

This situation is your responsibility. Hangar cannot give you any guarantee in this regard. Try the programs first in your side accounts. Remember, you are using 3rd party program in the game.

It is defined on the computer where you first opened the program. You Cannot Use It On Different Computers.